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A Different Kind of a Message

Arto Hämäläinen, Chairman of the PEM. We are living in a turbulent world. Crisis, threats, problems, failings, wars, conflicts, a series of negative news are meeting us from day to day. As Christians and believers we are affected by that…

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Prayerful Leaders’ meeting in Warsaw

PEM Consultation 2014 took place in Warsaw, Poland, November 19-22, 2014. 75 Participants from around the world spent much time networking, strategising, and praying. Guest speakers represented a wide range of leadership experience from churches and mission organisations. At the…

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The Power of Pentecostal Mission

Normally, Christian churches commemorate three major celebrations during the year. Christmas – Jesus’ birth in this world, Easter – Jesus’ death and resurrection as the victor over the sins of the world,  and Pentecost – the initial founding of the…

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From Little Flames to a Sea of Fire

When attending a pastors’ conference, I had a vision of little flames representing the fire for missions among the believers inside the country.  Suddenly, in the presence of God, there was a change – instead of seeing separate little flames…

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What Size God?

I remember one father in Japan. His daughter was in danger to become blind. What did he do for her? He bought a bigger and expensive new idol to home. It cost thousands of euros. One business man got to…

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