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The most amazing success story started with one teacher and twelve followers in Jerusalem long ago. A snowball started growing bigger and bigger until today. Some 700 million Bible believing Christians worldwide are a huge army for any general. Someone has estimated that number of local churches is perhaps even five million. For every single Unreached People Group (6500 altogether) there is calculated over 700 local churches. Jesus responded to his disciples who asked the sign and a schedule of His coming in Mathew 24:14 “this gospel of kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations and then the end will come”. It seems me that instead of time-table there is a question of divine task-table.

We millions of European Pentecostal believers, churches and leaders are called to participate in fulfilment of the Great Commission. Now is harvest time for refugees God has led near us. Hundreds of thousands of people from Middle East and Africa have left behind their countries and often religions in order to find new future, hope and peace. Praise the Lord that thousands of them have found their way to churches and to their Savior.

Dear leaders let us do everything to help our members and the next generation to find their calling for missions. PEM network offers several excellent trainings and trainers for churches to empower European believers to participate in missions. They need to be equipped to know how to approach newcomers with culturally sensitive way. Sending is cheaper than ever, field is closer than ever, globe is smaller than ever. Mission is now literally from everywhere to everywhere!

Rauno Mikkonen
Chairman of PEM Committee

More information on available training programs through our member network: