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“The Unfinished Story”: Reflecting Together on God’s Plan for the World

Due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, the PEM Consultation 2020 took place last November as an Online Consultation. Rather than being taken aback by this situation, we decided to make the BEST of this situation (Ro. 8:28), using this opportunity to examine together a wonderful missionary tool that can help revive the European churches’ vision for missions.

“The Unfinished Story” was chosen as the main theme of our Consultation, to help attendees cast a vision about the “Unfinished Story” Jesus is still writing, the story of His salvation. This story did not only bless the PEM Consultation, but it allowed PEM Members to familiarize themselves with a tool that can be used to spread the missionary vision among their churches.

In addition, we enjoyed times of worship, listened to encouraging testimonies from around the world, and beautiful prayer moments, praying for the world, for missions, and for each other.

We are very grateful for how God has blessed these days together, and really hope to see each other next year!


The Theme

God’s Plan for the Peoples of the Word

“We are living in the most exciting time in mission history, ever.  This just might be the generation in which the final chapter of mission history is written. This course will help in the formation of a truly missional worldview and to see that mission is the main reason why we, as God’s people, are here on earth.”

What is it? 

The Unfinished Story (TUS) is a course that inspires and challenges every believer to be meaningfully involved in God’s call to reach the whole world with the Gospel.  It gives an exciting overview of the biblical, historical, strategic and cultural aspects of God’s mission and our part in it. 

TUS is conducted in many countries and has similar content as a condensed Kairos course, but in a much shorter format. It has been translated into several languages and can be used to mobilize local churches for the mission of God.

If you want to know more about TUS, and how to implement it in your country, please contact:  Stefan Ross

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