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  • Workers present on the field, actively involved in church planting, (progress level 4)* – and see first converts and churches being planted (level 5)*.
  • Involve all PEM member organizations in actively focusing on reaching UPGs.

Inspire PEF and its local churches to be part of the vision for reaching the UPGs which are in their neighbourhood. (E.G. – churches in Berlin praying and focusing on reaching Turks or Iranians in Berlin)


  1. Progress level 1: Prayer mobilization for the group in place. Intercessors are praying;
  2. Progress level 2: Short-term outreach or prayer outreach to the group done or in planning;
  3. Progress level 3: Missionaries/local workers in preparation and training to go to the group;
  4. Progress level 4: Missionaries, church planting team are on the field to reach the group;
  5. Progress level 5: First converts or churches established or started among the group


  • Improve flow of information to deter any roadblocks
  • Continuous research to reveal status and measure progress as time goes by.



  • Enlist 10 intercessors for each of PEM’s UPGs who will sign and commit to pray regularly
  • Provide additional information for prayer focus on all UPGs (prayer profile, specific prayer info from PEM members and their missionaries)
  • Launch the Prayer calendar online and encourage prayer for the UPGs every day throughout the year
  • Organize a Special Day of Prayer for UPGs in the PEM/PEF network, once a year.
  • Organize Prayer Events for UPGs across our PEM network, once a month


  • Organize an Online Mission Conference for UPGs each year – including specific progress reports, statistics, stories of hope, and to give opportunities to adopt the unadopted UPGs.
  • Distribute prayer cards and PowerPoint slides in different languages
  • Make the “PEM UPG OF THE DAY” available online (in combination with the PEM prayer calendar)


  • Encourage every country to do Simple Mobilizing courses like Kairos, Youth Kairos, The Unfinished Story, Crossing Culture or other mission courses.
  • Encourage translation of the The Unfinished Story in new languages, in order to inspire many local churches in the PEF Network to be involved in cross-cultural mission. This should be done in cooperation with Simply Mobilizing Europe.
  • Inspire the new “Immigrant churches” in Europe with believers from Africa, Latin- America or Asia to be involved in reaching UPGs in Europe as well as worldwide.
  • Encourage PEM member organizations to train immigrant and refugee believers who have recently found Jesus here in Europe to also become missionaries.


  • Start an Adopt-A-People Program in the PEM Network
  • Goal: For each of our UPGs have one church adopting it
  • Provide teaching and assistance on how to Adopt-A-People
  • Assist in organizing mission training on how to reach UPGs. This should be done in the proximity where the UPGs are located and to encourage “Near-Neighbour-Mission”.
  • Promote training for “Global Professionals”, (tentmaking) using their job opportunities to reach UPGs (Info: Ari Rocklin of BAM –


  • Encourage all PEM members to reach UPGs through Media (Satellite, Internet, Social Media)
  • Help connect PEM members with Media ministries for training on how to use Media in reaching UPGs
  • Encourage development of Evangelistic programs focused on reaching UPGs
  • Encourage Production of People Profiles for all our UPGs in cooperation with PEM member organizations and with, Joshua Project, and other resources. These video clips can be made available to local churches to mobilize prayer and intercession.


  • PEM encourages its members to partner with one another and with other Networks which are reaching UPGs. (E.G.: The South India AG Mission is focusing on many of our Indian UPGs as well). Partnership could be very fruitful. The same is true for other regions where PEM is working.
  • Seek for opportunities to teach about UPGs and cast vision for finishing the task in the Bible schools of these partners.
  • Partner with other global initiatives in finishing the task.

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