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Goal 2013: The work started already among 50 of the 200 UPGs! Come along to pray and to act – together in Christ and only with the anointing of the Holy Spirit can we reach the goal.

The PEM member organisations can contribute to the 200 by taking a part of it. You can do it centralised as an organisation, or you can share the work and encourage churches to take action for example few churches together.

You can see which unreached peoples live near your work area, and your work can be extended to be a blessing among them.

You can network in cooperation with other PEM members, and you can either choose the peoples yourself and let us know, or you can ask for advice from the PEM UPG coordinators.

There is also a possibility to adopt a people – starting by prayer and carrying all the way through until there is a functioning national church amongs them. A national church with a missionary vision!

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