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New Initiatives for the New Normal

PEM Prayer Meetings

Dear members of PEM,

We are greeting you all dearly, having faith that, through the Holy Spirit, you can withstand the challenges existent in this period.

The activities of many churches and mission agencies are restricted, while other activities are suspended. However, there is an activity that cannot be restricted by nothing and should never be suspended – prayer.

This summer, motivated by the initiative of Michael Dissanayake from Sri Lanka, the leaders of many mission organizations around the whole world have started to pray together using Zoom as platform.

Therefore, us too, the members of the mission committee of PEM, have gathered this summer on Zoom, twice a month for prayers, to bring personal, situational, and strategical prayer reasons before God`s Throne of glory.

Starting with September, the invitation to pray together has extended to all members of PEM. Thus, we gladly invite you to join us every 2nd and 4th Wednesday morning, from 8 AM (CET) in an hour of prayer.

Let us pray together for one another, for the needs of our missionaries and organizations, and especially, for God’s Mission to reach the ends of the earth!

Ghita Ritisan – Vice chairman of PEM

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