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What Size God?

I remember one father in Japan. His daughter was in danger to become blind. What did he do for her? He bought a bigger and expensive new idol to home. It cost thousands of euros.

One business man got to know Jesus. He however said that he wanted to keep the business matters to himself. Everything else was belonging to God. He himself was an expert in business.

The man in Japan learned later that he could not help the situation by increasing the size or value of the idol. By knowing the living, big enough God her daughter was healed.

The business man learned later that by keeping God small in his business he was not successful. He was in need of the big God both in his secular as well as his spiritual life.

What size of God you have? The one who gives some good feelings on Sunday? The one who sometimes protects and helps in difficult circumstances?

In the Bible people had many times limited understanding about the abilities of God. “We have only” was often the typical attitude. Only a little bit oil, only two fishes and five breads…

We have to remember that we have the omnipotent God, God whose power and possibilities are not at all limited. Knowing that we are aiming to see Europe changed, hundreds of ethnic people  groups touched by the love of God, people threatened  by evil powers and oppression finding hope.

We need not to say “we have only”. In almighty God we have everything. Let us not limit us on what we do not have. Peter said once to a crippled man “gold and silver I do not have”. He had something better, something bigger: “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth walk!”

Spiritually paralysed Europe, in the name of Jesus: Get up and walk. People groups living in darkness in the name of Jesus: Get up and walk!

Let us have that big God as he really is!

Dr. Arto Hämäläinen

Chairman of the PEM

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