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Good News! 264 unreached people groups in focus of the PEM members

Love is reaching new people groups

In 2010, the PEM member organisations felt the burden to strengthen their work among the unreached people groups. The leaders were praying together and set the prayer and action target to be that by 2020, the network’s member organisations would start missions projects among 200 new unreached or least reached people groups.

In October, the PEM members have nominated 264 they want to start to reach by 2020. Among some, the work has already been started!

In cooperation with JoshuaProject, it is possible to receive prayer cards and find out detailed people group profiles of all these groups. For more information, contact our project coordinators You can also still submit your additional target people groups, if you wish to receive Europe-wide prayer support for your work among those who have yet to hear!

According to the PEM 200/2020 coordinators, one of the great tools in opening the eyes and hearts of the church members is the Kairos course. During the last years, new countries have started to host these courses.



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