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Mobilizing for Mission

The Father sent His Son to bring salvation and to recruit and mobilize an army of people who would share the message of Salvation with the rest of the world!

We are glad that we were able to conduct the course “The Unfinished Story” (TUS) during the PEM consultation in November with about 55 participants from 20 European nations with our team of 15 facilitators from across Europe. The course was well received  and the response was excellent. We pray that TUS will be translated into many more European languages to inspire hundreds of local churches across Europe with a fresh and deeper understanding of the Unfinished task Jesus gave us.  – We are glad that the first Pilot course in Farsi language will be launched in a few months from now. 

We all pray and expect a great harvest inspite of all the restrictions we all face. But the great harvest demands for the great mobilization of workers for the harvest field. Therefore let us invest to ask, pray and train more workers, because the fields are white for harvest. – Let us follow the shepherds: “After the shepherds had seen him, they told everyone.” (NIRV)

We wish you a wonderful Christmas season and may the heavenly joyful sound fill your hearts! 

Stefan Ross
PEM UPG Coordinator


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