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PEM Chairman’s Christmas Greetings

Greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus whose birthday we are soon celebrating.

What a year we have had. We always pray that the next year would be better than the previous. I think there are not many people that are saying that the year 2020 was a best year ever. On the contrary, what we are experiencing is the most challenging time during my lifetime in Finland. However, when we see life from God’s perspective it might look very different. I am not thinking that it was His will to send to the world a disease that kills millions of people and hinders normal life. I think the virus is His enemy’s work. However, I think that He will turn the present challenges for His glory and advancement of His Kingdom. He has given us a task that needs to be fulfilled. As we are celebrating the first coming of Jesus let us continue serving His Kingdom to hasten His second coming. He will return when the Gospel has been preached to all nations in the whole world (Matt. 24:14)

During this Christmas time it is good to remember all missionaries working among the unreached people groups. It is our obligation also to pray for all our sisters and brothers who are suffering persecution.  Last Christmas I listened Britain’s prime minister Boris Johnson’s Christmas speech. I was moved when he remembered persecuted Christians worldwide.

I am wishing you all blessed Christmas time and a normal New Year. 

Harri Hakola
PEM Chair

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